Online Pesonalised Training Programmes

Specialists in delivering efficient, effective training to ‘real’ people as well as elite athletes.
— Dan Morris, Triathlete
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The Planning Process 

On initial application we’ll look to initially have a chat about your goals, short, medium and long term and then go through a basic form which extracts the important information to build your plan.  Most importantly your weekly timetable, essential to tailor the training to you.

Next we go away and build your plan taking into account target races, training cycles, a mix of sessions and varying intensity.  This takes about a week, after which you’ll be ready to go!

Training Cycles

Having coached well over 150 athletes to international age group level with many attaining Top 10 and podium positions across all distances we have developed a training cycle that works for real people.  Basically the body takes 3 weeks to adapt to an exercise however the reality of life is that we are all very busy with work, family, social commitments that need to take precedence at different times.  Therefore we’ve developed a plan that works on a six week training cycle.  Weeks 1-4 building intensity and volume, Week 5 recovery, Week 6 Test Week.  In this time you’ll achieve proper adaptation, thus allowing you to achieve your goals yet importantly balance your life.

Our weekly rhythm

We write your weekly training plan personally delivered to you by Sunday evening ready for the week ahead taking into account all of your personal goals, circumstance and performance in the previous weeks.

This is stored in a Premium Training Peaks account which we can both securely access and edit at any point. During the week you update your actual training and results. Each weekend we review your progress, then plan and publish your sessions for the following week.  You can view and importantly edit your plan either via an online portal or on your Smartphone as a free download or app.  For more on Training Peaks please check out

Many remote coaching programs limit the contact time with the coach.  We believe this to be exactly that, limiting.  We are available via email and mobile to answer any questions and offer general support including goal setting, event selection, nutrition, psychology, purchase decisions, bike setup or race preparation as well as day to day questions that you might have about the training program.

For more information contact us here.