Leon Taylor - Olympic Silver medallist in diving 2004. Judge on ITV Splash! and wanna-be triathlete!

I have been training with Will for nearly a year now and recently went on one of his training camps in southern Spain.  The camp was fantastic, highly organised and tailored perfectly to individual abilities - which is hard to do with a big group of 36 athletes.  Will managed to combine the qualities of a professional athlete’s camp while still maintaining a relaxed atmosphere and approach. 

Will’s experience in taking athletes and people away shone through when faced with inevitable challenges through the camp, remaining adaptable yet staying true to the aims of the camp.

Will is very friendly and approachable and clearly knows his triathlon. I’m certainly enjoying my adventure into this sport.

Detta Guerrini –  European AG Triathlon Champion

I have known Will for a year.  Although this is a relatively short time, during this period I have spent many hundreds of hours training with him, both in a group with his triathlon squad and in a private capacity.

Will is the ultimate professional and an exceptional coach.  He never fails to activate his great leadership qualities and encourage the most out of his clients.  His total dedication, to a group or individual, means one always works to the best of one’s ability when in his company.  His never flagging enthusiasm and one hundred percent commitment to the cause is infectious and means those around him tend to give their all.

Will is always punctual, professional, friendly and a very dependable.

Ian Thwaites –  World AG Triathlon Silver Medalist

I met Will in 2010, soon after he formed his triathlon team, ONE Triathlon RDS. I have a strong background in swimming and a degree in sports science, but believed a coach would still be able to offer a lot of value to me in triathlon.  Will made a huge and immediate impact on my training and racing in all sports.  He is hugely generous with his time and very engaged in his work; over the following months he provided great support both in and out of training.  After training under Will for my first serious year of triathlon, I won a silver medal at the triathlon World Age Group Championships in Beijing.

Will has a great talent for motivating and leading people, something that he displays on a daily basis running what has become a highly successful age group triathlon squad gaining notoriety not only for the team’s exceedingly good results but also for the culture of support and community fostered within.  This has taken a great deal of commitment to see the project through, and his dedication, generosity, care and passion are an inspiration.  It takes someone very special to be able to build something out of nothing.  In a few short years he has not only built a successful club, but arguably Britain’s most successful age group triathlon club.  He is simply the most reliable person I know.

Susannah Clark –  World AG Aquathlon Bronze Medalist

I met Will a year ago when I joined One triathlon RDS, where Will is head coach. Will has been successfully coaching and writing my training programme to help me reach my goals of representing GB at the world age group championships in Auckland. Not only did I qualify I won a bronze medal in the World Aquathlon Championships and came 10th in the Triathlon. These results far exceeded my expectations.  This was all down to Will’s hard work, motivation and enthusiastic personality shining through into his work.

Matt Welsh – World AG Triathlete and Duathlete Silver Medalist

The immediate thing that Will brings to your training is structure; making sessions consistent and specific to your goals. When I started working with Will he gave me the confidence to try and qualify for the GB Age Group Duathlon and Triathlon teams. With his guidance I gradually worked towards the qualifying races, resting when I would usually have done too much and being pushed to hit targets that I would have previously thought unachievable.

The difference between Will and other coaches is the relationship he develops with his clients. He gets to know them as individuals and as a result understands what motivates or disheartens them and ensures that training doesn’t have a negative impact on other areas of their life.

On a personal level nothing is ever too much for Will, in the past I have felt guilty for badgering him with too many questions but he seems to thrive on his clients wanting to be as good as they can be and takes a genuine interest in their performance.

Deborah Post - World AG Triathlete and Duathlete

Having decided to try and qualify for the World Triathlon Champs in 2013, sprint distance I asked Will Usher to set up a training programme for me to help me reach my goal.  Will forewarned me about the dedication and commitment needed to reach my goals, but it still came as a bit of a shock to the system.  As a coach, Will really helped me through the bad patches where my commitment began to fall off by reminding me of the end goal and that consistency was the key to success, I received constant reassurance and guidance on all 3 disciplines and through detailed feedback my programme was consistently updated each week to reflect and build on what we had done the week before. What stood out for me was Will’s unceasing commitment to my training throughout the long season. He advised on improvements to my swim technique, assisting me with drills and boosting my confidence in the water. On the cycling, Will set me turbo sessions through the winter period which improved my power output on the bike so that come the spring I was already faster than I had ever been over 20km.  I also reduced my swim time for 750m in the pool from 16 minutes down to 12:30. My running , which has always been my strongest discipline really improved in the few months before the Worlds and I was achieving life time best times in the weeks leading up to the big race. Will’s programme got me into the shape I needed to be in to have the greatest race of my life on the 13th September 2013, with my form in all 3 disciplines being at its peak at exactly the right moment.  I ended up placing 15th in one of the most competitive female age groups, out of a total of 98 women. 

Looking back, I am the athlete I am today thanks to Will’s dedication to my training and the time he has given not just to me but to the whole squad. His ability to motivate, making sure his athletestarget specific races to boost confidence and sharpen up, his commitment to every detail of how to race and race well ensures each of his athletesare prepared andin the best possible position to achieve their goals.

 I would highly recommend Will Usher for your coaching needs, no matter what your goal is. 

Andy Pointon - Runner turned beginner triathlete

After running the London Marathon I decided the next challenge was a half ironman. My running a cycling were good but I could barely do 10 strokes front crawl. A friend of a friend recommended Kat as she had helped her with the same challenge.

In the 6 months Kat has been coaching me, she has made swimming one of my favourite disciplines. She through me in at the 'deep end' which meant I learned quickly. This has given me huge confidence going into the triathlon season and my training for my ultimate goal.
The sessions with Kat are always challenging but varied. Initially I really struggled with breathing, however after 3 or 4 sessions I was feeling much more confident. She takes me through every drill, step by step and explains what I need to do to adopt the things I have learnt into my stroke. The way Kat coaches means I have progressed at a very quick pace and am now focused on speed and fine tuning technique way in advance of where I thought I would be with my training.

My training has been bespoke towards triathlon swimming technique. Kat has tailored the sessions to me personally which has accelerated my improvement. She listens to what I find difficult and helps me find ways to conquer them.  I find the drills help me feel how the stroke should be during the swim.

Interval training programmes that Kat gives me between technique sessions have hugely improved my fitness. This has helped with hold my technique on long swims.  As part of my training, Kat will send me a weekly training program which is invaluable to me as I just don't have time to do the research into what training I should be doing.  This also gives me confidence that the training is right and every session is benefitting me and improving my fitness and technique.  If I have any questions about my training or needs Kat's advice between sessions, she always responds quickly when I email her.

Training in the winter months always comes with the extra motivational challenges, however Kat designs programs that work around the weather and seasonal distractions! She understands that sometimes life gets in the way of training and I have found it is important to mix training with everyday life!

Everyone has different motivational targets and aims, therefore the way adapts her training sessions and programs means she can be flexible but still get the best of you.  Therefore, I would recommend her to anyone.  Whether it be learning to swim or training towards a challenge (both in my case).