Nick Dunn - Founder and Senior Coach

 Nick Dunn - Founder and Senior Coach

  Will Usher - Senior Coach  

Will Usher - Senior Coach 

Below is a list of activities that you can expect to take part in over the course of the week long camp.


Technique in the pool covering:

Kicking, Breathing, Body Position, Hand entry, Catch, Pull, Push, Feel for the water, Recovery.

Technique in open water covering:

Sighting, Deep water starts, Beach starts, Dolphin Entry/Exit, Drafting, Open water turns, Race start tactics, Open water confidence, putting on a wetsuit correctly, Taking a wetsuit off quickly.

Conditioning both in the pool and in open water (sea and lake).

Maximum of 6 athletes to a lane.

Seperate technique lane which will allow coaches to give athletes some 1:1 coaching.


Bike building when travelling and relevant safety checks.

Group riding.

Long rides into the mountains.


Pairs TT.


Steady state runs with strides.

Intervals both long and short.

Triathlon Specific:

Transition Workshop to include: Specialist triathlon kit, setting up, rehearsals, flying mounts, Aussie dismounts, Specialist rules and penalties.

Brick sessions, both swim to bike and bike to run.


Winter training and training cycles.

Running intervals.  The five pace system.

Kit and Equipment.

Injury Prevention.

Bike Maintenance and repair.

Motivational seminar by an Olympic medallist.

Final Race:

This is going to take the form of three mini-triathlons which will aim to give you the opportunity to practice everything you have learnt or developed over the duration of the camp and above all have some fun racing your new friends and fellow athletes.

You will race as teams led by Olympic athletes as your team captains.